Singing Stories, Weaving Tales

Singing Stories, Weaving Tales

In the fall of 2013 Ulrika-Igraine started working on a completely new project "Singing Stories, Weaving Tales", a folk music based storytelling project. Rehearsals started in the fall of 2014; for this project Ulrika-Igraine has drawn on the participation of singers from members of several Exeter choirs as well as talented singers with a background in choir and group performances to create a chorus whose harmonies that carry these unique and haunting story-songs to new and unexplored places.

The project had it's first very successful performance as part of the Scandiland Scandinavian and Nordic film festival organised by Exeter Phoenix. Ulrika-Igraine was invited by local film screening group Butterscotch Sunday to open their screening of Lars von Trier's controversial "Antichrist", with a short performance at night in the Mincinglake Valley Park.

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2015 saw "Singing stories", taking on the task of putting on full length performances.

The first one took place in June, in St Stephens church on Exeter High Street. The story told was one of the darker side of life; the supernatural, the unexplained, loves lost and tales carried through generations. It incorporated aspects of Norse mythology, from the beginning of the world to its end, with Ragnarök, as well as some local (Devon and Cornwall) folk tales, and some stories that form Ulrika-Igraine's personal mythology. To marry the music and tales together professional, local storyteller, Dave Oliver, used his powers of tale-weaving to create a dark, yet colourful and engaging tapestry of stories.

The 2nd performance was a winter one, in December, in the historic St Thomas church, and the proceeds went to the church's restoration fund. This time both the stories and songs mirrored the season, from Wassailing, local ghosts and legends, to stories and songs of adventures through snow and ice, death and rejoicement.

Singing Stories was back again for 2016 with a trio new performances, beginning with Halloween, then followed by a winter double-bill; one in the intimate venue of St Thomas Library with ceramics and special treats, and larger candle-light immersive journey at St Thomas Church with Widsith & Deor taking you from bonfire night all the way into the new year!

2017 brought the release of the EP:"Singing Stories, Weavin Tales" available on CD/Digital Download via BandCamp. This was followed by joining with a new wonderful storyteller Ros Wehner for tales of The Perilous Sea & Fairylands Forlorn in the fall.

The march performance of "Witches" at St Thomas Library kicked off 2018 with a sell-out show! Join the mailing list to find out about future Singing Stories performances and other news!