Ceramicist & Graphic Artist

"As a conceptual artist, I predominantly use paper-clay as both a canvas, and an integral part of the environment that imagery and mark-making are applied to. The conceptual sculptures combines traditional methods of working with slabs, slumping and hand building, with modern digital-art transfers.

I work with  the texture and body of the material, not forcing it to be something it is not. I am fascinated by flaws that express themselves through the clay body. There is a strong emphasis on texture and how tactile an object is; even if you are not supposed to, or able to touch it, the object you see should invite touch, it should ignite curiosity and thought. Accentuating the cracks, crazing, and crawling is achieved by experimenting with the finishings, using inclusion of organic matter to expose textures and imperfections present within the materials. Using low-temperature firings maintains porosity and openness of the body, and enables me to add another layer of depth by smoke firing work.

Digital transfers are built up by combining images with shapes and pattern that simulate organic growth, and so is just another facet of the finished work. These become integrated even further with burn-off and other consequences of smoke firing."