Ulrika-Igraine is a Swedish-Peruvian “Devon adopted” songstress and conceptual artist.

Their music heavily references inherited memory and storytelling, with strong ties to traditional Scandinavian and English folk music, yet with their own twist. Taking inspiration from the strong forces of nature, as well as true stories from their own ancestry and unusual fairy tales, Ulrika-Igraine creates a clean yet expressive soundscape with their voice and shruti box.

Ulrika has always enjoyed collaborating with others as a way of broadening horizons and pushing their own creative boundaries; in their native country of Sweden they have been a part of professional theatre productions as well as classical choirs, folk choirs and smaller alternative music projects. In their adoptive county of Devon they have been a part of Exeter’s Swedish St Lucia Day celebrations since 2007, and are an active member of several very diverse choirs, while focusing on song writing and further developing their own unique sound.